Response to COVID

Blake Willson Group believes strongly in our foundational values of integrity and service to others, two guiding principles that influenced our response to the novel Coronavirus pandemic. Actions matter more than words; below are key details from our COVID-19 response that underscore our core values:

1. Early and Continued Communication. As the situation was unfolding in early March 2020, leadership engaged in emergency meetings to develop, prepare, and deliver updates to staff via email and Microsoft Teams. Throughout the course of the pandemic, we identified main points of contact, sent out spot surveys and questions, held informal check-ins, included coronavirus-related discussions during meetings, and more. We supplied and continue to supply as much information as we can and are transparent about how much we know (or don’t know) through company wide notifications.

2. Facilitated Transition to Work From Home (WFH) with our government clients, when applicable – encouraging the use of Microsoft Teams, shift work within cleared facilities when necessary, and robust and flexible remote work policies to provide our team members with the comfort and flexibility to care for themselves and their families while accomplishing work objectives.

3. Growth Focus. Leadership continued to pursue new opportunities with heightened urgency and substantial growth as a result. We invested in internal new hires to strategically further growth, geared towards maintaining our current team members and bringing on more. We avoided the scarcity mindset not only to continue delivering top-notch service to existing clients but also to expand our market footprint.

4. Keep our offices clean, sanitized, and distant. Once stay-at-home orders were lifted in Virginia, our internal team collaborated with our building management and in line with local and CDC guidelines to ensure our office spaces could appropriately accommodate our team members who visited the HQ Office in Arlington, VA. We have masks and hand sanitizer readily available, as well as daily cleaning services throughout the facilities. Additionally, health and safety policies are in place to protect our team members when present.

5. Keep learning. Our leadership and HR teams have stayed up to date on important information from the CDC, health officials, and government agencies – and share it with our team members and prospective candidates.

We understand that this is an evolving situation. As a dynamic small business, we strive to achieve our goal of being “Mission-Oriented. People-Driven.“ so ensuring the safety of all team members is paramount. We are grateful that we have an adaptable and understanding group that is dedicated to each other and our clients. Thank you to each team member for your trust as we continue to navigate this time together.